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This site has over 400 pages, showing around 6000 pictures, often in the form of slideshows. Its objective is to show my photographs, many of which are large (100k or more).
It was built to please me; I hope it pleases you.

The text is almost entirely in English. There are few links to pages outside the site. It is not a commercial site.

The DaiGlobe section of the site has its own homepage. You can return to this page from there.

The site was designed for a 1024 x 768 pixel screen. The pages may not be formatted correctly if you change the size of the characters;
I designed fixed layouts with fixed font sizes.

You must allow Javascript – which is used on almost pages (even including this one!).

I have tried to make the pages work under Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer but occasionally there may be problems.

You can copy the photos and scripts, but please don't use them commercially without mentioning where they came from.
Who is Dai?

Just another person who has had the time to make a website!

Born and brought up in the English Midlands, most of my working life was spent supporting the system software of NCR mainframe computers, mainly in the French-speaking area of Switzerland.
After a reorganisation I began programming in the Zurich area, but several years later, with many travel projects in mind, I stopped. Later I combined work with travel by giving lectures on information technology at one Chinese university in 2004 and English at another during the academic year 2005-6.


I live in Switzerland but, over the years, I've had the chance to travel in several countries of the world.

China is a country where I have spent many months. I've had much pleasure there but, as a westerner, I have also found it quite irritating at times.

But have a look for yourself at the records of my journeys. You can see more about them if you click on this button.

I took over 99% of the photographs myself.
traduction / copy editing

De temps à autre je fais des traductions de français en anglais ou bien je contrôle et révise un texte déjà dans ma langue maternelle.
Je serais très content de recevoir votre couriel demandant un tel travail.

I offer a proofreading and copy editing service for existing texts in English to ensure that your readers understand your message clearly.
Just send me an email stating how I can help you.


As a 'bonus' you can find several slideshows for Windows.
You can't start them from here but you can download them and run them using Windows Explorer (double-click as usual).

There are 3 keyboard controls you may want to remember:
Esc:   to exit from the show
Pause:   to linger on a photo
PageDown:   to continue the automatic display after a pause.

cn07sldy.exe China 2007: scenes along the way (29.6Mb)
cn08slds.exe China 2008: A tour from Beijing (23.7Mb)
cn10busc.exe China 2010: on the borders of Tibet (68.9Mb)
japangdn.exe Germany: Kaiserslautern's Japanese Garden (16.6Mb)
walkch09.exe Switzerland 2009: walk from south to north (34.7Mb)
g8tigrm.exe Switzerland 2011: a walk in the south-east (25.7Mb)
g8vsgem.exe Switzerland 2011: a walk in the south-west (21.5Mb)
ch12walk.pps Switzerland 2012: from Como to Basel (15.9Mb)

au gré des saisons

I take photos throughout the year even though they don't fit into any existing category.

This is where you'll (possibly) find some.

I hope to make them larger than my usual screen limits so you can view them full-screen.
But that does mean they'll take longer to load.
Intended only for modern browser versions!

go 2015.11.13 Autumn 2015 : another visit to Britain
go 2014.12.05 A world photo medley I made as a calendar for 2015
go 2014.09.29 November 2011 : a day in the Swiss Engadine
go 2014.07.05 May 2014 : a trip to Britain
go 2014.03.15 March 2014 : spring walk
go 2014.11.05 Souvenirs of Chamonix and Mont Blanc
go 2018.02.16 Thailand 2014 : a fancy carousel of large photos

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